Custom Work

We do some custom work by request but usually this will not be quick… Our regular work must come first.  Examples might be a custom material, special add ons, tone holes moved to accommodate hand issues, &c.  It’s best to contact us first and discuss your idea before making plans.  Expect a minimum of +150$US extra per instrument.

We do not accept returns of custom workCustom pieces are made to a specific customer’s order and rarely if ever can be resold.  Please be aware of this before you order.


Piccolo fife in Eb, 10 hole.

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A Dolzflöte I made some years back. In the 15th century (when the transverse or horizontal flute wasn’t as popular as the recorder because of its weak tone) Swiss and German mercenaries would be periodically hired to aid in whatever war was in vogue. They came with their fifes and drums, and as German/Swiss styles subsequently came into fashion, so, too, did playing fifes and horizontal flutes. To keep up, makers of recorders began to make caps that fitted over the beak of their instruments that enabled the players to perform their recorders horizontally, by blowing INTO the side hole rather than across. Here is an example of what I speak. This is in C and of African Blackwood.


Many more examples of custom work.