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We enjoy hearing from our customers/fanbase and encourage you to share your thoughts and questions.  Please send your email to and we will get back to you as quickly as we are able.  Be sure to include any information that we might need to get back in touch with you!  Our business line is 860.749.8514 and leave a deliberate, clear message including how you might be best reached and we’ll return your call as soon as we are able… Shop machinery noise or interacting with a customer might prevent someone from reaching the ‘phone in time.

Note to all customers:  Due to Covid having slammed the door on who I have working in the shop, I have been working alone for the past year, minus the occasional visit from Steven when the rare day he can get away from his own real job.  Wood takes time to adequately dry when being prepped for an instrument, then I usually make them in sets in case of a problem with one piece or another, then the pieces go to the engravers for my logo (and they can take a couple of weeks sometimes to get to my product) and then I complete the instrument, including the oil bath that takes a few days to dry.  I indicate on my website that not everything is in stock when you order and so expect some time for delivery, and I try to send the customer updates either directly or through social media on the process of their instruments.  Because of drying and settling time between certain stages, I engage in working on other projects to push them along, rather than just sit and look at the drying parts.  Please be patient as I am doing the best job I can with your instrument to ensure that you receive the best quality fife/flute/whistle I can provide.

ALSO NOTE:  As we ship usually via USPS Priority Mail in order to track and insure each package, we really don’t want to ship First Class or any other method that might compromise this.  International orders will always cost more than the 25$US for domestic shipping; please inquire, or expect an email explaining your choices and the additional sum of funds owed.  Please consult our Orders and Shipping page for details.  The woods we mostly use for international sales are Katalox and Granadillo.

Although we’re not a “store front” we do have calling hours should you be thinking of stopping by.  These can vary do to circumstances so it’s always best to call ahead.  Appointments outside regular hours – please inquire.

Musique Morneaux
at the Ralph G Sweet Workshop
32 South Maple St.
Enfield, CT. 06082


Mon: 8a – 12p
Tue: usually the shop is closed
Wed: 8a – 4p
Thurs: 8a – 4p
Fri: 8a – 4p

Saturdays, Sundays: Closed except by appointment.