“Penny” or “Tin” whistles no more – beautifully made whistles/flageolets in various keys for the discerning performer.  These are carefully made and tested by serious whistle players before declared ready for sale.  They are voiced for a fuller yet sweeter sound than other whistles on the market with a conical bore to bring the instrument better in tune with itself (typical style whistles tend to play flat in the second and worse in the third octaves) and over the years this design has brought rave reviews.

Your options below are

  • Diatonic models (6 hole traditional) in the keys of D#, D, C#, C, and B.
  • Chromatic models (10 hole) in the keys of D and C
  • The D-drop-C model – an 8-hole whistle with alternative C-nat thumb hole and a bottom tone hole for your little finger that permits you to play the C-nat below the low D.

Diatonic(6-hole), traditional style whistles


Clean sounding 2-piece whistle/flageolet which is thereby tunable and easily cleaned.  This is the design I’ve been making for Ralph Sweet these years past, replacing the failed laminated design.  Other whistles on the market cannot reasonably compare for the balance of lower tones and ease of higher end.  Each one is in two pieces, the tenon also serving as the tuning slide; while meant for A=440, it can tune sharper or flatter to suit your needs as many trad sessions tend to be a little sharp while some religious bodies with their music programs and choirs at times tune a shade flat.  This is a well lauded instrument and once you’ve played upon one, you will wonder if you can ever go back to those plastic-headed typically encountered toys that go WAY FLAT in the second register!

Models in D and C are routinely made and so the comparatively lower price; other pitches are made to order and require a bit more work.



D#/G# model – That half step higher than the trad whistle.

D/G model plays easily in both keys – D for it’s normal scale from the bottom up; G from the midpoint with a simple fingering change for the C halfway up the scale.

C#/F# model – Half step between the C and D whistles.

C/F model  – the information for the D/G applies here but for the fingering change applying to the B.

B/E model – Next step lower than the C and facilitates playing in E when using the “G fingering”: whistle players understand.

Diatonic Whistles – PLEASE BE AWARE THAT WE NO LONGER HAVE THESE MODELS IN BLACKWOOD.  A Blackwood order will default to Mopane.  Feel free to inquire for a custom model in Blackwood but the price will reflect the new cost to obtain the material…


“I just received my Rosewood High D Whistle and it is FANTASTIC! The tone is smooth and pure throughout its entire range and it is a very lovely instrument. Thank you so very much, this is so much better than any other whistle I’ve ever played”
Sincerely, Fred Randles, Canton, Ohio

“I have been performing on my MusiqueMorneaux blackwood whistle for a month now and I’ve tossed my A— into the drawer of my desk. It simply cannot compare… Even better than past whistles I’ve bought from Sweetheart. I pray to God you have an apprentice!”

John Tyler, Rochester, NY



Chromatic 10-hole whistle

The 10-holed “Morneault Model” Whistle – (pronounced “Morno”)

The inspiration was derived from various Renaissance and Baroque era wind instruments and the more recent 10-hole fifes to be found in the US.  Answering requests for a chromatic whistle that did not have the visible key work of the Sweetheart Flute Co Killoury Model, I developed this 10-hole design.  It has the ergonomic layout for traditional whistle players, earlier test models put in the hands of a few whistle players for trials, and this model is what has come out of that.  It will take some practice and getting used to if your only experience with whistles has been on traditional 6-hole diatonic models.  But other scales than D and G are more easily attainable on this and the occasional need to hit an accidental is facilitated, all while maintaining the appearance of a traditional whistle in wood.  I offer these in Honduras Rosewood, African Blackwood, and soon in Mopane for international orders.

.                    “The blackwood (chromatic) D whistle arrived today and it is exactly what I have been searching and hoping for!  I have been playing on an aluminum Burke and a brass Burke – excellent whistles – but not the tone quality I have been wanting.  I am SO happy with this whistle.  Thank you, Thank you!” Tom R, Dayton, Ohio.

This is ALSO available in the key of C/F.  Please specify which you prefer when ordering. Remember that this model regardless of key is often made upon ordering and therefore may require some time; please inquire when ordering.

The “Mark 1” version is what is described above, but I also offer a “mark 2” version in which instead of the double hole for the left hand, there are two separate tone holes for the ring and little finger in the style of modern 10-hole fifes.  See the photos and be sure of what you prefer when ordering.



D drop C model

Made as a custom model for a particular customer, I found that there were a few people looking for this model.  It is effectually a D whistle but with an extended foot to enable the performer to play the C-nat below the tonic D.  This is an 8-hole model (there’s the alternative C-nat thumb hole) and is made by request.  Usually offered in rosewood, I’ll consider an alternative wood but it will cost a little more; please contact me before ordering to see if there are any in stock or how long you may need to wait.

D drop C model in rosewood.

“Wow! Just what I wanted, thank you! The only other ones I’ve found with this feature are sloppy sounding – this one is perfect AND has the alternate C natural thumb hole…” Fred S, NY, NY.

D drop C model whistle