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  1. Hi.
    What is the difference between blackwood and rosewood?

    1. Hello! Aside from the appearance, there really is little practical difference between rosewood and blackwood. From the standpoint of a craftsman, blackwood is better for it machines better; Blackwood is just a little bit denser and so there are fewer variables in making an instrument. However, some people like the black colour and so choose it. There is a possibility that because Blackwood is denser, it will keep the geometry for far longer than Rosewood will, but there really is no proof of that except with the cheapest of rosewood. Some people who play my whistles will actually choose one in rosewood when they try several instruments before buying. Blackwood IS more expensive, though, and so the price reflects that. As a performer, I generally prefer Blackwood for appearance and because I know the work that went into it, but I also play several in Honduras Rosewood.

      1. Thank you for your polite reply.

        I live in Japan, can you ship the purchased products to Japan?

        1. Hello Hirotaka Saito,

          Yes, I do often ship to Japan. Usually the best way to purchase instruments made by me but available in Japan is through Hatao at hatao@irishflute.info

          However, yes I will be happy to ship to you directly. Please tell what instrument you desire and I will calculate the cost of shipping to you.

          Best regards


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