Sweetheart Flute Company

In May 2017 Ralph Sweet decided to retire.  Joseph had been his shop foreman for a dozen years and for the last few had been running operations for Ralph.

Ralph Gordon Sweet Jr lived quite the life; he was a long time member of the fife & drum community, had worked in a brush mill and later as a physics teacher, had served in the CT National Guard, dearly loved contra dancing and being a caller for same, and founded Sweetheart Flute Company on his property in Hazardville (village in Enfield), Connecticut.  Shortly after he retired, he handed his barn to his daughter Polly, and removed with his wife Carol to a home more suited to older legs, as he once said.

Ralph died at his home on 12 June 2019, aged 90.  His life is celebrated and his passing still mourned.  Here is the link to his memorial page.

The old website had been saved and maintained with the old service with a link to the new business, but after it had been hijacked and it was discovered that it would be too costly to pursue, this page serves for those who search for Sweetheart Flute Co.  Please do contact us with any questions and instrument sales/repairs.  Although we’re under a new name and ownership, we have all the old Sweetheart supplies and tooling, and continue to service all Sweetheart Flute instruments.