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Whistles in Duet


Some questions over the years about performing “non-Irish” tunes upon a whistle has yielded 21 tunes intended for two whistles (equally applicable for two fifes, two fiddles, two mandolines, &c.) selected from various traditions and some original, by whistle/fife/flute maker and musician Joseph Morneault with harmony parts and comments in both English and French.  Meant to provide something of a challenge for the intermediate player.  The author will sign upon request.  Ce livre est également en français.   20$ plus 12$ shipping priority USPS.   Also the option of a digital copy for only 15$… When we receive payment and an email address from you, we will send you the digital copy of this book.

Paperback copy of Whistles in Duet.


Digital copy of Whistles in Duet.


Better, Stronger, Faster

Exercises for the fife by Bill Hart – a well-known performer and instructor on the fife in the New England fife&drum community.  15$ plus 12$ shipping by priority USPS.


Smoke in Your Eyes
Irish Session Tune Book

Collected at Seattle WA sessions over a period of 16 years, this compilation by Kevin Gow (flute & whistle player) contains over 700 mostly Irish tunes, with chords in this latest edition. Very nicely done with a complete index, and several indices by categories – Reels, Jigs, Hornpipes, Slip Jigs, Polkas, Slides and Set Dances. Over 270 pages! (shipping included)
53$… Shipping included in the price.

Out of Print. If this should change, we will open it up to sales again.


The Fifer’s Delight by Ralph Sweet:
Fingering, graded instruction for fife, flute, whistle, or flageolette, plus over 330 tunes, complete with guitar/piano chord symbols for accompaniment. Excellent for any concert pitch instrument; used by many fiddlers, dance bands, and drum corps, 8.5 x 11, 81 pages.

The Fifer’s Delightful Companion by Carol Greenfield:
A collection of harmony parts written to complement The Fifer’s Delight, plus a few additional tunes and Christmas carols in two or three parts. Great for adding harmony to a corps, or playing duets with friends; can be adapted to many different instrumental combinations!

The Fifer’s Delight


From the Kitchen Musician


  • A New Collection of Songs, Airs and Dances of the 18th Century. By Sara L. Johnson.  “The Kitchen Musician Vol. 14th”
  • A Further Collection of Dances, Marches, Minuetts and Duets of the Later 18th Century.By Sara L. Johnson. “The Kitchen Musician Vol. 16th”

We have a very limited supply of these.  Unless coupled with an instrument order, we ship these Media Mail.


The Kitchen Musician Books



A Fifer’s Workshop Vol 1.   

Donald Heminitz & Kim Braunsroth

A terrific book for the beginner and experienced alike.  Discusses different types of wood for your fife choices, fingering and breathing exercises, playing style, selected tunes to polish your technique with…

A Fifer’s Workshop