Joseph is a social historian and performs with a few groups and some solo work, bringing to life early American songs relating to the everyday person; work songs, songs of the sailor, drinking songs, some of love and consequences, ballads, introspective songs…  His involvement with traditional and historical fife and drum goes back to his earliest grammar school days and while he still plays them as well as makes fifes and such, he is currently a free agent, focusing more on his craftsmanship and his interpretation of songs.



Jos playing the “Staten Island Hornpipe” on mandolin and our whistle in D.


“The Retreat” played by Jos on field drum and traditional Bb fife.   From Geoff Kaufman’s “Huzzah Old Ironsides“, released 1999.




The Jovial Crew

Joseph is a founding member of The Jovial Crew, headed by Cliff Haslam and also currently featuring  Rick Spencer, Mike Hotkowski, and Paul Elliott when he’s up from Florida; together bringing pub songs a strong, plain approach and four voices reminiscent of the sound the Clancy Brothers were known for.  They play every Monday night at the Griswold Inn in Essex, CT but can be heard in other venues as the opportunity presents… Click on the name/link to visit their site, learn some historical musings, pick up the lyrics to a favourite song or two, and follow the calendar for shows and appearance.



Littlefield and Morneault – David Littlefield has been a shoreline troubadour and one of the four members of Forebitter… Contemporary folk bolstered by tradition and has joined with Joseph as a duet for performances at Mystic Seaport, the Connecticut River Museum, libraries, historical sites, and house concerts.  More shows to come!


Come see the page for Different Tack!



Here is a video of Rick and Joseph cranking out a couple of tunes…