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Specialty Fifes

I don’t often make instruments from European Boxwood… Not cheap, takes time to season properly, and even then it can fail along the process, AND has the almost impossible to stop the tendency to bow or warp with time. But I made one of my MCM fifes of EuroBox – typically requested for historical reproductions – and decided to place it here.  Trad. Bb, 10-hole chromatic.  This is of an early design and I have discontinued it, so if you contact me and make an offer, I will be pleased to consider it.  Take note that the body has indeed slightly bowed since it was made a couple of years ago.  Please note that the price listed is 200$ less than the original retail price.

European Boxwood MCM Fife








School for the Flute – by C. Nicholson (facsimile of the 1836 edition)

Comprehensive self-tutor for the flute but equally applicable exercises for the fife.  Volumes 1 and 2 combined. Was 25$… NOW 15$ each.


Complete Music for Fife & Drum – by Walter Sweet

Parts for fife and for drum, selections of the more well known tunes utilized in the New England fife&drum sub-culture, a few not so well known, and in some cases simple harmonies and chords are included.  Instead of an accompanying CD, a link for access to MP3 audio is provided, free with the purchase of the book.  Was 35$… NOW 25$ each.