We craft keyless flutes for the folk music scene which includes Irish/Celtic music, early American, &c.  All of these are made with care and have been markedly improved as a result of input by performers over the years.


The New Model Flute

Blackwood, Rosewood, Maple

The key of D is the standard diatonic flutes for the Irish music scene and beyond; however, I also make this flute in Eb, Dd (what you want for Baroque Pitch), and C, all upon request.  The blackwood* example is considered to be the best for the stability of the wood with Mopane being an immediate close second. Rosewood is a wonderful sounding flute and the Maple example is a very good flute for the money, far better than similar flutes imported and marked to beginners and intermediaries!  All models have an internal cork and a leeway cutaway to facilitate higher tones played while even aiding in that brassy sound of the low tones so desired among performers today. Silver rings on all models but the maple, but sometimes I make the “rings” of a contrasting wood or polymer by request.

*African Blackwood is made now as custom order only.  Please inquire for price.

.                   “The flute just arrived! It’s absolutely beautiful, thank you! And the sound is wonderful, I can play this low D all day and be happy. Such a rich and powerful tone! Thank you for this beautiful instrument, and my best wishes!”          Sérgio – Sao Paulo, Brazil

<< Merveilleux! J’ai joué de la flûte irlandaise pendant 30 ans et celle-ci est absolument mon préféré! J’aimerais que vous réalisiez vos instruments ici! >>       Françoise Simoneaux – Les Sables-d’Olonne, France

               “I’ve received the flute today. I really love this!!! It looks amazing, and sounds awesome! Thank you very much!!!”  Anzai Kunihiko – Shimo-Nagakubo, Japan

“My flute [Honduras Rosewood] arrived yesterday and I absolutely love it! Also, thank you for your great customer service and responding to my emails.”  Jeffrey Maben, Glenville, NY

               “I have 2 flutes, one in D in Rosewood and one in A of Mopane, from Jos Morneault ; he was Ralph Sweet’s apprentice who took over the business from Mr Sweet some years ago. I have a couple of Ralph’s earlier instruments and I can confidently say Jos’s are better. They are absolutely wonderful sounding and beautiful instruments. The D flute has a flattened area on the upper side of the embrochure which I have not seen on other flutes which really seems to reduce chiff and makes hitting the higher register easier. The D flute I got from already made stock, but the A flute I ordered and as an added benefit, he sent me pictures of the flute at different stages in the construction, which was very cool. Prices are very reasonable.”  Richard Laue, San Marcos, TX

와 ! 이 플룻은 정말 소리가 대박입니다.
굉장히 고급스러운 외관과 섬세한 사운드를 내주며, 다른 악기와는 달리 Musique Morneaux 만의 차별화 된 캐릭터를 가지고 있어요. 자주 연습해서 제 유튜브 채널에도 올릴 예정입니다. 플루트를 아름답게 만들어주셔서 감사합니다. 그리고 정말 친절하게 해주셔서 감사해요.    “This flute has amazing sound. It has a really luxurious exterior and delicate sound.  It has a unique character of musique morneaux that is differentiated from other instruments.  I’m going to play and practice all day and upload it to my YouTube channel.  Thank you so much for making the flute so beautiful.  Thank you so much for your kindness!
대한민국 – 정선경(웅장맨Gman)  Jung SunKyung, Republic of Korea.



New Model Flute in D


Higher Pitch Flutes

Key of A in Mopane wood.
G in Honduras Rosewood
Key of F with faux ivory rings and contrasting colour cap. Contact me before ordering if you wish these additions.

For those of you looking for diatonic instruments to play in keys above the standard “Irish” D, these 2-piece flutes can be had in either rosewood or mopane wood and are made to order.  I also offer these in half-step higher versions upon request: A#, G#, F#, and D#… Check with me if you’re interested.  Sometimes the rings are silver but sometimes I do other things such as contrasting wood or faux ivory.

*African Blackwood is made now as custom order only.  Please inquire for price.

I love it!! The (key of F) flute arrived today, and I’m starting to play. It is very beautiful and it makes me proud to play it!!  Thank you for your work and thank you for keeping me posted while you worked on it — I like having been part of the process.  The walnut rings provide a beautiful contrast,making it a unique and beautiful flute. I am glad you suggested these. And the maple grain is just as I hoped, with a simple maple pattern. I am delighted.  Thank you!”  Jennifer Leonard, Boston, MA.

“I LOVE this flute! (G in Rosewood)  I would compare it to a top-shelf 30 yr old single malt scotch, or an excellent year wine specially delivered from France…” Joseph Markenstein, Santa Clara, CA.

Higher Pitch Flutes


Walking Stick Flute

Ralph’s walking stick flute was inspired by a late 18th century flute in the Boston Museum of Arts, he tells me, and is a very good addition to your historical impression be it 18th or 19th century.  It was once rather popular with our customers and when sales fell off we discontinued it.  However, recent pressure by our fans have brought it back – limited quantities, mind you, and always subject to availability.  Key of D and currently only in maple.  Please note: NOT an orthopedic cane!!  NOT meant for weight to be leaned upon it but rather is a walking stick that doubles as a flute.

650$ with 30$ shipping/handling.