Drive Sorrows Away – A joyous tavern sing with a turn-of-the-19th century flavour.  Joseph assembled some forty friends with well lubricated voices in a tavern setting and let them in songs historical, traditional, and contemporary in the style of a real late 18th century/early 19th century sing – not at all your parlour performance!  English concertina, tenor banjo, whistle… and a list of songs worth your time to learn!  A booklet with liner notes is included and an accompanying PDF on the disk of a song book – accessible when the disk is loaded onto your computer and open the file as though from a drive.

  • Away Rio
  • Work of the Weavers
  • Running Down to Cuba
  • Blackthorn’s Chantey
  • Doodle Let Me Go
  • Around Cape Horn
  • Drive Sorrows Away
  • Eight Bells
  • Pratty Flowers
  • The Garryowen
  • No Deep
  • Life of a Leaf
  • I Like To Rise
  • Pleasant and Delightful
  • Roll Down
  • Four Pounds a Day
  • Stixwould Harvest Song
  • Heave Away Me Johnny
  • South Australia
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Shindig In The Barn: Singing Squares by Ralph Sweet’s All-Stars

   Recorded live at the Guiding Star Grange in Greenfield, MA.  Music by the finest contra/square dance musicians in New England. (Lee Blackwell, David Cantieni, Stuart Kenney, Dave Langford, Ann Percival, Pete Sutherland, and Bill Tomczak) Ralph calls 12 of his most popular singing squares.

  • The Auctioneer
  • Nelly Bly
  • Jambalaya
  • Hello Mary Lou
  • Golden Slippers
  • If You Knew Susie
  • Louisiana Swing
  • Marianne
  • I Don’t Know Why
  • Shindig in the Barn
  • Oh! Johnny
  • Alabama Jubilee
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Huzza Old Ironsides!

The life and times of the US Frigate Constitution in song, by Geoff Kaufman.  All songs and tunes from history and backed up by Everett Brown, Tom Goux, Dan Lanier, Dave Peloquin, and Marifrances Trevelli.  Myself on fife & drum.

  • “To Arms’
  • On the Launching of the frigate Constitution
  • Arise, arise, Columbia’s sons arise.
  • High Barbaree
  • When the Warrior Returns
  • The American Constitution Frigate’s Engagement with the British Frigate Guerriere.
  • The Constitution and the Guerriere.
  • Yankee Tars
  • Hulls Victory/Constitution Hornpipe
  • The Constitution and Java
  • The Constitution’s Last Fight
  • Old Ironsides (Oliver Wendall Holmes)
  • The Ballad of Mad Jack
  • Old Ironsides (we’re mighty proud of you)
  • The Old Constitution; The Gem of the Ocean
  • Old Ironsides (We’re mighty proud of you)
  • “The Retreat”

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