Cases, cork grease, swabs, &c.


Case for 2-piece “piccolo” fifes.

   Black case which includes a swab, cork grease, and oil for the bore.

smaller 2-piece case


Case for smaller whistles

  Black case which includes a swab, cork grease, and oil for the bore, and a pipe cleaner to occasionally clean out the fipple.

smaller 2-piece case for whistle



Case for larger flutes and low whistles

  Black case which includes a cleaning rod, cork grease, and oil for the bore.  This case is appropriate for all 2-piece flutes longer than a Bb fife – A, G, F, D…

larger 2-piece case


Anti-Clogging fluid for fipple flutes

2 ounces of anti-clogging fluid.

Whistle players, just like recorder players and other fipple flutes, occasionally have an issues of the fipple (windway) clogging up with their saliva.  The usual practice is to do a quick “upsuck” during a rest and wipe the droplets of saliva away, but one can treat the inside of the fipple with this fluid made of reduced sodium lauryl sulfate, or Stepanol (same as Duponol solution); stop up the tip of the fipple with your finger with the whistle turned foot-end up, and put some drops of this solution into the exit end of the fipple (windway).  Let it sit for a minute or two, then remove your finger and shake it out, then letting it air dry.  This will act as a coating to prevent your saliva from “sticking” to the windway.  Apply as needed.  Not necessary for fifes or transverse flutes.

“Hey, wow!  This really works and now I am using it on all my whistles.  Appreciate you recommending this to me!” Tony B, Warwick, Rhode Island.

Stepanol – 2 ozs.


Case for 1 pc fifes.

Padded case with a belt loop, velcro flap.

Case for 1 pc fife – actual fife not included.


Case for 1 pc fife



Mouthpiece for fife

Sometimes referred to as a “cheater”, this was designed to facilitate playing of the fife by those who had difficulty forming a proper embouchure for whatever reason.  I do not make these, but rather permit me to redirect you to Claude Bauer who 3D prints these (most of the old ones you might find in an antique shop are of lead or high lead content, so really, go with Claude’s).  He sells them for 29.95 plus the shipping, so you can’t go wrong!  Tell him that Jos sent you!