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Whistles in Duet


Some questions over the years about performing “non-Irish” tunes upon a whistle has yielded 21 tunes intended for two whistles (equally applicable for two fifes, two fiddles, two mandolines, &c.) selected from various traditions and some original, by whistle/fife/flute maker and musician Joseph Morneault with harmony parts and comments in both English and French.  Meant to provide something of a challenge for the intermediate player.  The author will sign upon request.  Ce livre est également en français.   20$ plus 12$ shipping priority USPS.


Better, Stronger, Faster

Exercises for the fife by Bill Hart – a well-known performer and instructor on the fife in the New England fife&drum community.  15$ plus 12$ shipping by priority USPS.


Smoke in Your Eyes
Irish Session Tune Book

Collected at Seattle WA sessions over a period of 16 years, this compilation by Kevin Gow (flute & whistle player) contains over 700 mostly Irish tunes, with chords in this latest edition. Very nicely done with a complete index, and several indices by categories – Reels, Jigs, Hornpipes, Slip Jigs, Polkas, Slides and Set Dances. Over 270 pages! (shipping included)
53$… Shipping included in the price.


The Fifer’s Delight by Ralph Sweet:
Fingering, graded instruction for fife, flute, whistle, or flageolette, plus over 330 tunes, complete with guitar/piano chord symbols for accompaniment. Excellent for any concert pitch instrument; used by many fiddlers, dance bands, and drum corps, 8.5 x 11, 81 pages.

The Fifer’s Delightful Companion by Carol Greenfield:
A collection of harmony parts written to complement The Fifer’s Delight, plus a few additional tunes and Christmas carols in two or three parts. Great for adding harmony to a corps, or playing duets with friends; can be adapted to many different instrumental combinations!

The Fifer’s Delight