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Orders and Shipping

Except in rather particular cases we always ship USPS Priority Mail; packages seem to survive better, we can track them, and it’s better to insurance.  We rarely ship without insurance and I’m sure you understand.  Basic shipping cost for us to send instruments is, of late, 20$US.  Shipping is more when sending internationally, so expect a quote for the shipping cost over the initial 20$US.  You can certainly pick up personally.  The price also increases for large items and for large packages of multiple items – please do contact us to inquire.  Sales made WITHIN Connecticut are subject to the addition of a 6.35% sales tax.

Other than USPS, we also utilize UPS and sometimes DHL.  All these choices, including personal pick up, are all we do… No fly-by-night carrier or shady dude with a box truck.  Please do not ask.

Our Japanese customers – 日本にお住まいの場合は、ケルトフルートショップの優れた友人から注文する方が簡単かもしれません。 ただし、ご希望であれば、直接お客様に発送いたします。


Currently we are using PayPal for online purchases; you see the “buttons” for each item.  We can take standard credit cards over the ‘phone if you prefer.  We are a small shop and typically ship once a week on Thursday or Friday.  We try to accommodate rush orders but please be patient with us; if you do not speak directly with someone on the ‘phone, we may be away from the workshop for the weekend or holiday.  But we’ll get right back to you when we get back.

Regarding rosewood and African blackwood for international sales – we can now resume sending instruments made of these woods, but we are still under some restrictions as to how much can be shipped in any one package; a single or even a few instruments of these two woods is not a problem, but large quantities may need to be broken down into several packages. are no longer offering these woods for export.    Mopane, Katalox, and Granadillo are excellent alternatives with no such concerns: Please inquire.  Here is a news story about what started it in 2017.

6 thoughts on “Orders and Shipping

  1. What size case should I get for the plain maple flute in “D”?

    1. You will want the case for larger flutes/low whistles.

  2. Do you send to germany?

    1. Yes, we do.

  3. Dear Joe,

    I just ordered a Rosewood High D whistle from you. You may remember my name, as I already own a Blackwood High Whistle from you, and a few years ago I sent it back to you for slight repair and mostly deep cleaning.

    Here’s what I hope: that the new Rosewood Whistle will come soon, and while I’m breaking that whistle in, I can return the Blackwood Whistle for repair. During normal times I use the Blackwood Whistle constantly, attending at least two sessions a week. It’s been getting temperamental lately, often starting out well, but then suddenly sizing up in the middle of a tune. I suspect I’ve neglected cleaning it properly, and for that I’m sorry. It’s a wonderful whistle.

    At any rate, I hope the Rosewood Whistles are in stock, and I can get one soon. And then hope you’ll be willing to take back the Blackwood Whistle for some TLC. Of course I’ll pay you for doing whatever is right by it. The last time you cleaned it you waved the fee and charged me only for postage. This time the work should be on me.


    Mary Minock

    1. Hello Mary!

      Thank you for your order and I responded directly to your email address.


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