Oddities and Clearance

Specialty Fifes

I don’t often make instruments from European Boxwood… Not cheap, takes time to season properly, and even then it can fail along the process.  But I made one of my MCM fifes of EuroBox – typically requested for historical reproductions – and decided to place it here.  Trad. Bb, 10-hole chromatic.

European Boxwood MCM Fife








School for the Flute – by C. Nicholson (facsimile of the 1836 edition)

Comprehensive self-tutor for the flute but equally applicable exercises for the fife.  Volumes 1 and 2 combined. Was 25$… NOW 15$ each.


Complete Music for Fife & Drum – by Walter Sweet

Parts for fife and for drum, selections of the more well known tunes utilized in the New England fife&drum sub-culture, a few not so well known, and in some cases simple harmonies and chords are included.  Instead of an accompanying CD, a link for access to MP3 audio is provided, free with the purchase of the book.  Was 35$… NOW 25$ each.