Low Whistles

Our low whistles (tenor) play an octave below the high D whistles and correspond to the traditional flute.  They play in D/G like the high D whistle and are softer in tone than the flutes of the same pitch.  They are tunable for A=440 and for a bit higher or lower as needed.  I currently offer them in three woods: Maple, Rosewood, and Mopane (Mopane similar in colour and appearance to plainer rosewood but has the qualities of African Blackwood while not being black).  PLEASE NOTE: Due to the new regulations set by CITES, I do not plan to ship low whistles of Rosewood or African Blackwood out of the US… Maple and Mopane are your options for all international orders. The Cost of obtaining African Blackwood and Honduras Rosewood has made it cost-prohibitive to continue offering especially our larger instruments in these materials… If you must have either of these woods, please contact us.  Blackwood in particular will be a higher price.

I do sometimes make other keys such as D# upon request.  It won’t hurt to inquire.

Low whistles are often made to order so there is a limited number in stock.  Please inquire if you are interested.   MusiqueMorneaux@gmail.com

“Wow! I just opened the package and tried out my new low whistle in D – absolutely gorgeous, deep-throated sound! I’m supposed to be working, but I can’t stop playing. Thanks so much – it’s lovely!” 

Joy W. – Providence, R.I.


Received my whistle today and delighted with it!”

James D. – Ayrshire, Scotland, UK


“(My Mopane whistle has) arrived, is beautiful and nice and easy to play with sweet top notes and some lovely octave harmonics on overblowing the bottom notes.  These last few weeks I’ve tried a Sw (model) – too hard to blow with harshness if you don’t get it right, and a Bl (model) – nice chamber music recorder sound but doesn’t have enough pure sweetness to complement a fiddle. Yours is just right, most importantly giving one freedom to blow just a little harder knowing that something nice will come out. Our fiddler is very relieved.  The Mopane looks fabulous too.”

Ian Garbutt – Bristol, UK


The blackwood low D is fantastic! I’ve played more than a few handmade shakuhachi, whistles, flutes, and trumpets and your work is at the top of the game!”

David Reed – Mcminnville, OR.





Low (tenor) whistles