Low Whistles

Our low whistles (tenor) play an octave below the high D whistles and correspond to the traditional flute.  They play in D/G like the high D whistle and are softer in tone than the flutes of the same pitch.  They are tunable for A=440 and for a bit higher or lower as needed.  I offer them in four woods: Maple, Rosewood, African Blackwood, and Mopane (similar in colour and appearance to rosewood).  PLEASE NOTE: Due to the new regulations set by CITES, I do not plan to ship low whistles of Rosewood or Blackwood out of the US… Maple and Mopane are your options for all international orders.

These are often made to order so there is a limited number in stock.  Please inquire if you are interested.   MusiqueMorneaux@gmail.com



Low (tenor) whistles